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About Us

Founded in 1996, FABSON Electronics manufactures Ultrasonic Rats and Pest repelling devices. FABSON is one hundred percent domestic production and offers products that offer guaranteed and unique solutions that last for at least 10 years. FABSON Electronics, focusing on technological innovations since its establishment until today, produced FABSON Electronics as a result of our 4 years of Research and Development work, and since 1996, every studio that has been working has completed the entrance of Pests from outside and nesting inside walls. OUR VISION… Total Quality Management Philosophy To make continuous improvement activities as a part of daily life, to fully meet the changing expectations of the customers and to be the leader organization of the sector. In your life, it is your first address to perform uninterrupted work in order to finish your Rat / pest problem and raise your quality of life!


Especially in recent years, harmful chemicals have maximum harmed the environment and human health. With this consciousness, our firm has always been able to provide more healthy and cleaner environment to the new generations by keeping the front line, always keeping the trust of the domestic and foreign customers and giving value to nature and human being by opening up to the whole world by serving our customers with products that are respectful to nature, It’s our most important mission to provide non-toxic and permanent solutions.