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Bird Repellent


The implementation of bird-repelling devices must be accompanied by other measures in the process. These measures are as follows;

VISUAL HOLOGRAMED RIBBONS AND BALLOON: Specially produced hologram ribbons and hologram-eyed bird balloons should be hung to visually frighten and abandon the place where birds enter the various places in remote places or inside.

SPIRITUAL SPRING AND WIRE APPLICATIONS: It is necessary to apply the blind spots of the birds and the blind spots that are not able to reach the frequency of the device.

SONIC FREQUENCY REPELLER: Separate device should be indoor and outdoor use. The internal stroboscopic reinforced sonic device should be installed 360 degrees.

DOOR PROTECTION: To protect the doors, 180 degree sonic bird-repelling devices must be installed in the entrances.

Bird Repeller Technical Specifications:

The device input voltage is 220V / 50-60 Hz. The SMPS feeds up to device and the system will operating in the event of a momentary power failure or up to 40% of the voltage changes.

When the unit is in operation, it is powered by the power supply 3 and when it is in active mode it is 36 watts. It draws 1W from the network when it is in standby mode.

The enclosure box is made from materials resistant to external influences such as extreme heat, frost, rain, etc., which do not damage the surrounding area, which is broken in possible collisions.

Since the outer box of the device is electrically isolated, it doesn’t leak to the outer surface and is not affected by the electrical noise coming from the outer surface.

Since the outer surface is not metallic, it doesn’t absorbed sonic and ultrasonic sounds that it broadcasts.

Functional Features:

The device uses 256 different audio signals in different combinations to generate sonic and ultrasonic sound output, preventing birds from immune to this disease.

The digital LCD display has a nice display feature that guides the person adjusting the device and showing the operating modes.

There are options to work only at night, just work day and work both night and day. Depending on the light sensor on the day and night there is the option of light adjustment.

The output frequency and power can be adjusted gore to the bird group with adjustable potency. The set frequncy produces sonic and ultrasonic sounds in various combinations with pulse width modulation.

Test mode, Time1 mode and Time2 mode allow frequency mixing and frequency mixing.

The run and standby time settings can be set as desired. The waiting and working times should be adjusted according to the bird population in the region.

The birds ‘hearing organs are very powerful, and some birds’ sensory systems are similar to sonar systems. Birds are constantly under stress and fearful because birds, which are produced by birds with the ultrasonic sound signal that goes up as the bird breaker’s power rises, give a feeling as if an object is coming up.

These sonic and ultrasonic sounds as well as the sounds of hawk, vulture and rifle, which are enemies of birds such as gulls, pigeons, sercens, crows and bats, which are produced and deployed randomly, enable birds to freak out.