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Insect Repellent

Get rid of pests without pesticides and poisons!

Ultrasonic Fabson You can now easily get rid of the pests (Cockroachs, fleas, scorpions, moles, ticks, snakes, lizards etc.) that bother you by entering your life with our Ultrasonic Fabson pest repellent devices. 100% Domestic production equipment is guaranteed for 5 years service.

With our pest-repellent products, we ensure you get a definite result in your home, workplace, interior and exterior special areas. Fabson Pest repeller removes all types of rodents and pests from surrounding with both ground and underground signal effects. The operating principle of our Pest repellent device is completely based on signal and vibration. Fabson Pest repellent devices are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

You can visit our www.fabson.net retail store for your home and industrial products, benefit from our convenient price options and credit card payment facilities.