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Mouse Repellent


As with all other living creatures, the sense of hearing for the rats and the Pests has a vital prescription to keep their lives alive. A couple of rat colonies give birth to 6 to 8 pups in each puppy on average every 21 days. The Pups are never live alone. They always live as colony. Rat poisons used today don’t kill rats instantly. A rat dies by swelling in 3-5 days after eating the poison. Reason of this situation is rats do not eat food immediately, first they send the oldest rat among them to eat that food. After oldest one eating the food, Other members of colony wait for 3 or 5 days. If the oldest one doesn’t have anything, the others can eat it.  As a result, poisoned rats move around for 3 days and transmit the poison through stools and footsteps on places like food factories etc… It causes contaminate a deadly hanta virus to people.

Rats and Pests feel the voices and react these. Rats and pests feel and overreact the high frequency voices that couldn’t heard by humans, proved by scientific experiments. Pests prefer to hide in door openings, socket openings, edges of moldings etc. and leave its eggs there. Pesticides effect and burn only the outer shells of the pests. So even when the pest dies, it will leave its eggs. Every pests spawn every 27 days. Agricultural pesticides doesn’t effect to spawning eggs.

High-frequency and ultrasonic frequency broadcasts by The Fabson Ultrasonic produces will be repelled and blocked to Rat, Pest, snake, scorpion, tick, spider, marten, cockroach, moth, etc. inside the door. Also this broadcasted signals are stop spawning this creatures. Broadcasted frequencies by Fabson Ultrasonic devices completely harmless for human health. It Keeps environment that found, clean and healthy at least 20 years. Fabson Ultrasonic devices are only effective on walking, creeping and bloodsucker pests. This device doesn’t harm any pets.

About Fabson Electronics Ultrasonic Rat and Pest Control Devices

  • Our devices’ frequency range can not hear by the human ear, but rat, Pest, scorpion, tick, snake and all the pests.
  • Due to Fabson Ultrasonic Protectors has a variable frequency, the rats and all the pests are never immune to it. In this way, they are easier to leave the environment and reduce the duration of resistance to the incoming frequency.
  • Our devices prevent the presence and nesting of rats, Pests and pests within the area of ​​m2 that is effective.
  • Fabson Ultrasonic Protectors, which have an ecological friendly working principle, ensure that the rat, Pest and all of the pests found in the environment do not die but move away from the environment with broadcast.
  • Our devices have a full-time operating principle and have very low energy consumption even in full-time use.
  • The frequency range that our device has and affects is not harmful to pets and humans.
  • Fabson Ultrasonic Repellents manufactured with superior technology can operate for years without problems.
  • Fabson Ultrasonic rat, Pest and pest-repellent devices are under 5 years of service warranty.
  • If you have a malfunctioning device, the new device will be sent to you.

The devices that provide a precise solution in the environment will remove the rat, bug, and all pests from the media where they are located. In this way, you will not need to look for a solution like chemical spraying in the environment and you will not be putting your health in danger.

Why Fabson?

All of our devices manufactured under the FABSON brand in our company have been developed by Turkish Engineers.

Also all of our products are manufactured according to TSE and CE standards in Turkey. We don’t have any manufacturing in China and The Far East.

The electronic cards in our devices are automatically aligned with the SM type. There is no lead in the used circuits.

Our devices have microprocessor controlled variable frequency.

Our products are guaranteed for 5 years.